North Korea Nih Kawlram sinah Missile a zuarh tiah UNO nih a phuan cang

UNO nih akhapmi ral hriamnam hna cu North Korea nih Kawlram le Syria ramah a kuat hna tiah an langhter.North Korea nih hin Missile le chemical weapons hna ah hmanmi thilri hna cu;Kawlram le Syria ram hna ah akuat tiah UNO nih report ahcun an langhter tiah AP News nihcun a phuan.

Cahmai 200 leng simi report ah hin North Korea nih Kawlram Cozah sinah  raltuknak hriamnam hna,Vawlei in kahmi missiles hna,Missile launcher pawl cu a zuarh/kuat tiah an langhter i mah bantuk cun Syria ram zongah kum 2012 in 2017 tiangah khan raltuknak thilri phun 40 leng azuarh tiah theih a si.

Report nih alanghtermi ahcun North Korea nih hin UNO khammi  cu zeiah a rel lo caah phungning loin Kawlram le Syria ram hna ah hriamnam in chawlehnak atuah.Cuti North Korea nih Kawlram le Syria ah raltuknak hriamnam azuar  hnu thla 9 chungah hin $200million man leng si tiah alanghter.Rfa

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